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An opportunity makes a thief

English proverb

Brave New World!

Obviously, there’s always a plenty of work to catch up with after a long period of one’s life. By the way, I have recently succeeded in finding a new aim! Even a couple of, being honest.
Firstly, why not to try out studying law and philosophy once more? Still, it’s rather worthy for common development of mine, so that I could be better aware of all the circumstances of my future choice of job!
Secondly, a foreign language is without a doubt a key to the whole world’s secrets and features, that’s why I try to improve my skills in practise.
To sum up, thanks for spending time on my entire dialogues :)


Cruising Around Africa by Martin Haake, from Gestalten’s A Map of the World According to Illustrators and Storytellers  

I intended to write my article ‘Fabulous Africa’ on FCE the same way!

I just downloaded Horn in AppStore :) If you’re really addicted to procrastination, you’d better avoid that game because it’s totally impossible to stand for its fascinating graphic, unpredictable plot and other features of Horn which is a vast universe on its own!

I’m not complaining but such a behavior towards our time just strikes me out

I was born that way 😂



Seems to be really interesting! Btw, why not to see all the Harry Potter series again? :)

Kinda weird to suppose it’ll help me :)

Париж стоит мессы!

Генрих Наваррский

Hello! Never been for a long time but now i’m about to change it! 😀

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